Monday, May 18, 2015

Joey's Challenge #61- flower string

I used the flower string recommended and did it on my undecided if I like it gray tiles, and used these:  Aura Leaf, Enyshou Libre, round things, a trolius leaf from a friend's garden, shells and something I didn't write down originally. If anyone knows what the two tangles are a check for a million bucks is in the mail for their names. :)
I was out in the swampy marsh last week before getting the flu, so my tiles have been sprinkled with my horticultural adventures. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, this is lovely! I believe the two tangles at the bottom are Sanibelle and Roxi. Maybe.

  2. This is beautiful art! Really love it.
    Thanks as well for your nice comments on my blog, makes me happy :-)

  3. wow!
    no more words are necessary
    simply WOW!

  4. The elements just seem to pop off the page. Lovely

  5. This has a cool 3D effect, at first I thought it was layers of papers and raised paint!
    ~ joey ~