Sunday, May 3, 2015

A project finished!

I Here is a piece I finished for Mother's Day. My mom doesn't have a computer so no worries. I will show it as it progressed in three pictures. 
Here is the template:

Here is the transfer drawn in:
And here it is finished in ink, pencil, marker and watercolor:


  1. Here is a link to a fun challenge I've been doing from the Netherlands. She's a great lady, Magdalena, and chances are you may have used a tangle she has created. I really enjoy it. If you don't have google translate, get back to me and I'll translate instructions for you.

  2. Beautiful project! Your mother will love it. What a talented and thoughtful daughter you are.

  3. Sarah, this is beautiful. What a creative and loving tribute to your mom. Lovely colors, nicely done. I want to thank you for participating in the TwobyTwo this week. I'm glad you could ass your creativity to the blog. Have a brilliant day! c