Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Joey's Weekly Challenge 'Dugwood'

Here is a more ZIA type of interpretation of the tangle. I like pink because there is a pink dogwood that blooms like crazy every year by my place. So here's some flowers for Joey, a fellow lover of all things gardening.  

Every Inchie Challenge- 'Enjoy '

The companionship of my lovely guy, my partner, my dog, my best friend Teigr is what I enjoy most. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

The corgi behind hungrycorgistudio-Teigr

Here's Teigr, Snoopervising my work diligently. The one dog production plus human. 

Tangle Me 3 Challenge 'Cadent '

I did this weeks first and last weeks last. Oops. Still well worth using this to challenge the old brain. 

New Challenge!!! Tangle Me Three

Tangle Me Three is a new challenge from Suzy Mosh. It's a fun one to do. Here is a link. Try it!  I did and I had a great time. 

Tangle Me Three Challenge, 'Axlexa'

I had a good time with this challenge. I'll be spreading the word around about this Tangle Me Three as its new and has a fun twist to it. 

Diva Challenge #224 'Tipple'

I used Tipple inside of N' Zeppel.  (sp?) 
You get the idea. :) 
Used some watercolor and golly roll markers too.  

Sunday, June 28, 2015

That's New To Me #26 'N' and artist

For my new tangle I tried Nipa in a few directions. I chose bean Podz by the artist and threw in Neuron. And I used a string again!  Yay!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Zendala

Had to use a six petal string and the tangles Flux and Something In The Middle of Something. Odd name on the last tangle. It was a good fun learning experience. 
Check it out:  


Stacked and Tangled 'light blue'

Here is another try at the Stacked challenges. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Two by Two Challenge- 'flower'

I couldn't pick which way to do my Twinchie. Pencil and pen? Markers? Paint?  So I did all three. Each is still two inches and the subjects are not duplicated so I hope it makes it in this weeks entries!  I loved doing this one. Thanks for the fun challenges. 

Diane and Carolien's Challenge 'J, W, O'

Did two for this one. The first is the newest and second was before that. 
Used Whiffles, Ovolution, and Jacouste in the first, and Jasmin, Oval Paradox, Olb and Whirl in the second. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

That's New To Me #25 'F'

I used Flitter as my new tangle. I love how it reminds me of fireworks or a clematis' seed head. I used Spoolies, and Hamail also. Even used a string!
A note: used the Sakura Soufflé pens on this one and it was fun to see how it 'developed' like a Polaroid instant picture. Not an endorsement, just saying they are fun!

String Thing #98 'Mel Mel'

I really just became so enamored with the tangle Mel Mel, I felt 'she' didn't need to share the stage with any other tangle besides Whiffles. My version of Mel Mel is quite rough at this point but fits my love of all things horticulture by being so ambiguous in what she can or could be. 
She's a plant I would want in my garden to have wander about and self seed amongst the other flowers and weave herself between all the other garden flowers. Thanks for the tangle!

Inchie 'Apple'

I love the simplicity of the apple I decided to do one in watercolor and pencil. Apple trees are some of my favorite trees, and I've had so many adventures in forgotten apple orchards that they are almost a magical place for me. Sorry to get deep with you all there for a moment. :)

Joey's Challenge, 'Cornerz'

As I'm still recuperating from mild heat stroke from the weekend of the broken air conditioner so my tangles are a bit jumbled. Excuse their intestinal appearance in this one. I had a nice time doing the tile with my new air conditioner and Powerade. 
Sarah. Stay cool. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Diva challenge, 'umble'

I was under duress due to a broken air conditioner for the past few days. This is all I've got left. They did just now replace it. Much to the delight of my fuzzy dog. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

String Thing # 97 'Dad' string

I was happy I kept to the string and got to learn some more great tangles. Might give this one to Dad. xoxo. 

Diane and Carolien's Challenge 'F M T'

I was good and used a string again! The tangles I used were Flench, (first time!) and Mumsy, and Trunk. Great fun and a bit of blues too. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Square One - Flux

This is my entry for this week. I like Rick's version more, but enjoy both. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Inchie 'Aetna'

Spelling?  Autocorrect. Blame the machine. Here is some lava:

Diva Challenge #222 'Rainbow'

I had an urge to use some new markets so I was kind of a copycat by doing moonlights on black. I used a string for 'nzeppel, mumsy and Aruka. 

Joey's Weekly Challenge #65 Bunzo

I had received a bunch of new pens so I thought Bunzo would be fun in a few 'flavors'. 

That's New to Me Challenge 'R' + artist

This tile has an easy one to start with but was new for me, and I did use a string, and the tangles used were River Rocks, Roxi, and Pines. Thank you!  

Friday, June 12, 2015

Aurora's WU-186 fairy tangle challenge

I did this with my fairy silhouette by the beach and sea at night. These are great challenges from the Netherlands, and are a bit different but incredibly worth participating in. 
The post can be easily copied and pasted in Google translate to read instructions. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

String Thing #96 'N'and string 092

I used Neuron and Nuwave for my pick of the 'N's' and Roxi at the bottom. Great new tangles to learn! And a challenging string!  

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Square One 'Msst'

Here is my tile using Msst inspired by a bottle of soda I was drinking this morning.  Bublz is the bottom tangle. 

Diane and Carolien's Challenge-'#,C,R'

Hope I got this right. Chose a simple string and just layered my tangles!  And got to use my new Jelly Roll markers. Yay! I used 2 N 5, Rozy, and Copada. 

Two by Tuesday -Amoeba

I gave my amoebas a bit of fun. A him and a her. They are actual amoebas but I gave them a bit of their own personality. :)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Joeys Weekly Challenge. Arukas

My thoughts on Arukas after drawing them for the first time. Draining.
It shows. My Arukas are tired and mangled but them and I have survived the challenge!  Victory!

Inchie Monday 'Wave'

I did a bunch of watercolor waves. 

That's new to me challenge #23, d and artist

I used d-vine, fenetre and fleurette. The 'f's' are from the artist of the week. And d-vine as my new to me tangle. 

Diva challenge: #221- beads

This string I used lent itself well to use like the strands of beads we used to make when we were kids. I especially remember the twirly flower ones and the shell ones. Phicops reminded me of a certain bead I had, and beedz was like costume jewelry I used to play with. 
Great job to Laura and family on their run!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Diane and Carolien's challenge a y z

Andy, y-Flip, and Zag V. All requirements met. Fun was had and congrats to you ladies making it through the alphabet!  It's a mile stone of sorts. :)

Tangleation Vocation #14 Veezley

Oh no the dreaded grid!  I survived and enjoyed this tangle very much. Good pick for this one!  Tried to guess at the shading and it's ok. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

String Thing #95

Here is my entry for the week. I accidentally drew in a few lines on the Yin Cut wrong but once figured out the rest went smoothly. 

Muster Mixer #7 Cat-kin and Jax

Here is my entry. It is very hard to do these mixers!  They are new for me. Thank you for letting me enter my tile with its creation. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Square One Zentangle- Rain

It's Rain. It's okay for a first go. 

I am the Diva Challenge #220

I went for a gray tile black lines and shading in graphite and black and white pencil. It's called a challenge so I took a chance for better or worse. Call overshaders anonymous for me. Help. 

Joeys Weekly Challenge #63 'j'

I jam packed it with everything but Jetties!  That was my goal. Not to use Jetties.  I used junction, joints, ju ju beedze, joseph, and Jawz. That wore myself out. And I used a string too. I was good. :)

That's New To Me #22 A, and artist.

I chose Aura paradox star thing for my new to me tangle, kril-qs, ionic, and box spirals by the artist of the week, and cruffle and Angel Fish. Thanks for another fun challenge. 

Every Inchie Monday -Pillow

This is my favorite pillow. It's a squishable called comfort food toast. So I call him 'Toast'. Here is my Inchie:
And here he is in real life:

Ornation Creation 102 lamp

I used Roxi, Cockels and Mussels, Sanibelle, Aura leaf, Fleurette, swarm, Circlets, cruffle, Purk, Phicops, and I think that's all. Grandmas lamp. Garage sale version. Hee hee.