Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tangle Me 3 Challenge- Echo

I had some tangleation a occur off the original tangle. Little bit of Bunzo or something...
Thanks Suzy!

That's New to Me challenge- 'v' and Hitched

I liked Hitch a lot and think it would even be a great one for a tangle me 3 challenge. I also used some weird tangle called Vermal for my 'v' tangle. Kind of different. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Diane and Carolien's Challenge-DNE

Dlsunray, Embellish, and a strange take on N'Zeppel. Things started ok...
Thanks ladies!

Friday, January 29, 2016

It's a String Thing- hearts

I've been out of the loop so to speak and having some difficulty adjusting to medication. Wish I could've done more. Thanks for letting me send in my entry. 
Take care, 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Joeys Weekly Challenge- Pais

Pais means country in French or Spanish I think. It it quite open to interpretation as its name is!  I had a great time drawing this. I used to use this tangle a lot and I'm glad I got a chance to rediscover it with a fun string too!  Thanks Joey!

Monday, January 25, 2016

I am the Diva Challenge- 'Tangle String'

The tangle I chose as my string was Antidots. Then I saw them on Laura's tile and felt like a doofus but honest, I really did go through my books!  Ha ha. 
I used Pepper, Abundies, and Printemps. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Square One -'Pokeleaf'

Here is this week's tangle. Pokeleaf. In black and white on white. With a bit of Opus. 

Joey's Weekly Challenge-'Chillon'

Great pick for a tangle relating back to music. I really enjoyed drawing this and it was as relaxing as listening to music! Thanks for another great week Joey!

I am the Diva Challenge-'Moebius'

I was quite amazed at learning how much Moebius disorder can affect children, but so amazed at how wonderful Artoo is doing!  What an absolutely incredible kid. Did mine in purple with Betweed. And Retro. It was a string that means something to so many parents. Thanks for letting us take part. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tackle it Tuesday! 'B'

I kept it simple and tried using Betweed in a new way. Had a great time!  Thanks!

Diane and Carolien's Challenge 'MY#'

I chose Mooka, 4 fun and Yamaho. It was a great challenge this week ladies!

String Thing #127

Beautiful choices for tangles!  My only problem was contorting them into this amazing string!  Wow! I did bits and pieces in some parts. Feels like a tangle of spare parts somewhat. But I got inspired and even did a bit of shading. Great week and great challenge!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tangle me Three Challenge- Spokes

LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES is how I describe this one. Spikes is actually pretty fun for a dreaded grid pattern. ;)
Nothing to dread here!  It was a great challenge!  Thanks Suzy!

Monday, January 11, 2016

That's New to Me Challenge- 'Q' and artist

I chose a funky little tangle called 'Quabog ' and used Knightsbridge and Gnarly by the artist for the week. It was something good to stick with black and white. Been shading with black pencil instead of graphite as graphite makes everything so shiny and has a glare to it. But it is more blendable. Oh well. Great challenge Suzy!  

Joeys Weekly Challenge-Knightsbridge

This is such a great idea!  I love this 'composition ' we're collecting as we go. One of the best tangle challenge ideas I've seen in awhile!  I'm trying so hard not to add color. I want my album to be all of these pieces in black and white like sheet music. Fantastic idea Joey!

I am the Diva Challenge-back to basics

I found some tried and true tangles that are loved and I think everyone has used at one time or another. 
Betweed, Bronx Cheer, and Cadent. 
Who doesn't remember the first few times you 'got' Cadent?  That's a good tangling memory for me. :)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Diane and Carolien's Challenge- jsw

My picks were Japonica, Swarm and Wist. Elementary patterns to some but I found it refreshing just to DRAW. Not necessarily manipulate or fit things, but just to have a rough string and draw. It was a lovely way to spend part of my day. Thanks ladies!

It's a String Thing- new year!

Left this one black and white with two tangles. I really enjoyed what our choices were to pick from!  Interesting string. The possibilities are endless with what they come up with!  Thanks!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tackle it Tuesday- 'A'

I just used the tangles akoya and Abundies. Loved them!  Such great tangles you chose!  Great!

Tangle me Three Challenge-Pinbawl

Awesome choice for the week!  It's great to be doing your challenges again. Even did it on black with pink moonlight pen. Something fun!

That's New to Me Challenge! A+pinbawl

Had a lot of fun with this!  Great to have you back Suzy!  Pinbawl is super!  My new tangle 'A' which I love is Abacus. Another oddball tangle I found on my app. Worth the money in my opinion. 
Just food for thought. It's a new year and I like telling people what I like since when I started tangling and to this day, I find myself asking or wondering-'how did they do that or where did that come from?'  
Happy new year!

Joey's Weekly Challenge- 'Retro'

A lovely idea to 'compose' pieces into a collection. I'm going to store these from this challenge in a separate book so I can watch them or shall I say listen?  :)
I enjoy silence or music. My boyfriend enjoys silence. So I seem to compromise and go that route since he brings in so many boxes from Amazon with art supplies. Have a great week!  Great idea Joey!

I am the Diva Challenge-duotangle

A bit of diva dance and some auraknot. And this is what I came up with: