Monday, October 19, 2015

Joeys Weekly Challenge-Ta-Da

A favorite tangle. I'm still working on a bit of a creative block in my head. But I'm happy with this one today. I am at all times too hard on myself. 


  1. I love your Ta Da, all curvy and dancing :-)

  2. I hope you get out of your creative block soon. Draw more to get those creative juices flowing.
    Did you use gold ink for this? Gold and silver never show up really well in photos/scans.
    It's a lovely tile. I'm glad you're happy with it too.

  3. I think that the tangle on top of the watercolour(?) gives a really neat effect! We are often our own worst critic, I sometimes look back on things I thought were total flops, and think now they're not as bad as I originally thought! ;o)
    ~ joey ~