Monday, November 30, 2015

I am the Diva Challenge-guest-'tree'

Climate change is saddening but as long as it is not ignored there is hope I think. This challenge really touched me in how resourceful and giving Mr. Patel is in trying to do his part. I especially love how you grow tree saplings and give them away. The power of one little plant is mighty when left to grow. I used to plant lots of trees, so this really spoke to me. So here are two tiles. I had fun and couldn't decide. Thanks Mr. Patel!


And Spoonflower 

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  1. Great trees, I think from the colours they must be autumnal trees :-)

  2. I love the falling leaves effect on the Keeko tree and the bare branches on the second one, although a little melancholy, do remind us of the seasons as they pass.

  3. Great response, and very kind words. Thank you.

  4. Love the fall colors on your beautiful trees. I especially like the falling leaves.

  5. Sarah, these are both so pretty!! Yes, the earth is very important!! :) :) Beautiful!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. Great trees :-) I like the first one most - good idea to tangle falling leaves with Keeko.

  7. these are both such fun. Keeko with all its little hatched lines, balanced with the flowing, swervy spoonflower. Excellent!

  8. Fantastic colors! I especially love the "Spoonflower" Tree!

  9. Lovely trees! I like the colors too.