Monday, June 1, 2015

Joeys Weekly Challenge #63 'j'

I jam packed it with everything but Jetties!  That was my goal. Not to use Jetties.  I used junction, joints, ju ju beedze, joseph, and Jawz. That wore myself out. And I used a string too. I was good. :)


  1. Nice tile Sarah! Good shading on Jawz.. They look like they are popping out of the tile!!

  2. I like the way you made the string disappear. That's not easy to do with a string that has a loop in it, and 006 has two loop de loops. I like the contrasts in your tile. Good work!

  3. Very nice! Is Joints the tangle in the top left corner? I don't know Junction either, great to learn some new ones! Thanks for linking up, ~ joey ~