Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two by Tuesday-Grass

I remember a meadow where I used to drive amongst in the morning at a house I worked at. I took many pictures, but they have been lost in old cell phones and now all I can do is bring you the meadow in my mind with its giant rolls of hay in the morning light as I first turned into the driveway. A bittersweet memory that I love. That 'grass' in the meadow stretching endlessly will live in this girl's memory forever. No cell phone needed. 


  1. Dear Sarah, such wonderful memories...beautifully portrayed. I can only imagine if you still had your old photographs! Thanks for participating in this week's TwobyTwo! Have a brilliant day! c

  2. This is a beautiful memory! We have hay bundles like these everywhere. But none would give me memories like your did for you. Beautiful