Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy birthday to me maybe?-update

I couldn't do the Gofundme page. Not after reading about the people who need money for some pretty serious stuff. 

But it turned out ok, as my mom of course, gave in and bought me the stamps for an early birthday present. 

Happy birthday to me indeed!

Thanks all or reading!


Let me explain. 

A birthday message brought to you by Sarah Satonin 3852 Mayfield Ave NE 2B Grand Rapids MI 49525


I'm going to have a good birthday one way or another even though I spent all my money on car repairs.        


I'm trying to ask all of you-my wonderful friends - for a happy birthday donation to a fund for some rubber stamps by the artist Tim Holtz


I'm tired of having no fun on birthdays and not getting anything for fun or at all. I don't drink or smoke dope or do drugs, so what the heck, why not ask for a couple of bucks to go to my artistic pursuits. 


I'm trying to get $73.00 for stamps and stamp blocks to use them with. 

I found some to buy as a set and they are awesome. 


Well, I left my address at the beginning of this letter, so y'all are welcome to send in a donation. I'm tired of having poopy birthdays. How about a little bit of fun for once?


Thanks to all who read this and do not report us to the local authorities.  Sarah and Teigr. 


A picture of where a dollar or two could go towards my art career. And a happy birthday to me. All proceeds collected in excess of these two items will go to my service dog, Teigr, for rawhide to chew on. 




Thanks for your time. 

Sarah and Teigr




  1. I guess my pictures were a no-go. If you want more info contact me, shoot me an email post a comment etc.

  2. https://www.gofundme.com/wcypq
    (Here's my fund.)