Thursday, July 23, 2015


From what it translated to, I gathered that I should make six 3cmx3cm boxes and do a single tangle pattern in each and then tangle natural things around it. 
I used N 'Zeppl, Pea Nuckle, Bunzo, seZ, Rixty, and Arukas in the squares. 
I used blooming butter, all about v leaves, aura leaf, flower whorl, Florez, clouds, Aquee, and that's it!  
Materials used, pencil, colored pencil, micron pen, moonlight pen, glaze pen, soufflĂ© pen metallic silver pen, white GellyRolls, and glitter pen on card stock. 
Thank you for a fun challenge although I can't swap with you, I will swap with my mother's friend who lives near me and has not been well. It's color will cheer her up!

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  1. Hi Sarah, yes, you did it the right way! I like your colorful zia. have a great Sunday.