Friday, April 24, 2015

New Challenge! Angel: WU-79 April 24, 2015

hallo! mijn naam is Sarah uit hungrycorgistudio met mijn hond, Teigr. dank u voor ons te laten deelnemen. Ik hou van de ontwerpen die u gaf ons om te gebruiken. het patroon was leuk om zo goed te ontwerpen. We hopen dat je het leuk vindt en bezoek ons! Sarah.
Our website is :
It is for fun only, to share art with friends!  Thank you!!!

Teigr my corgi says hello!  

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  1. Forgot to add the link for this challenge:

    Here are the instructions in English:
    You'll need to go to the page to get the link to the tangles designated for this challenge. I had a fantastic time!
    As agreed, we work one week on a regular challenge and another week in the forest nymph ..
    We work around the number three / tri ..

    Work surface and divide lines / zenlijnen:
    From a central point you draw three random lines.
    Connect the ends of these lines with each other to form a triangle. That is your work surface.

    You choose three patterns from this list: link.
    Practice them possibly first in your tangelagenda.
    Make it an airy whole. Possibly insert witzones!

    Three shades:
    No colors. However, white, black and gray pencil.
    Veull fun!
    1. You're first!